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Barigo Altimeter/Compass/Weather Station Model 44

- 1 metre ( or foot) resolution and with working range from -700 metres ( -2296 feet) to 9000 metres (29520 feet)
- Graphical expression of changes provided Unit in metres or feet selectable
- 20 memories with date, time and altitude reading

- 1hPa resolution and with working range from 300 hPa to 1100 hPa
- Graphical expression of changes provided
- Both sea level pressure and absolute pressure can be shown

Weather forecast
- Temperature displayed in oF or oC selectable
- Electronic compass providing 16 cardinal indications together with bearing in degrees Declination correction provided

- 2 time models selectable
- Presents day of the week, day, hours, minutes and seconds (year and month can also be set) 12/24- hour formats selectable
- Auto-calendar from 2000 to 2049

- 1/100- second resolution with working range up to 24 hours
- 100 memories for lap/split times stored in a maximum of 30 runs

In Stock: Yes

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Suunito E203

- Altimeter with current altitude, vertical ascent and descent rate measurement, and logbook memory
- Barometer with barometric pressure and temperature measurement
- Multiple watch functions
- Shock-resistant elastomer casing with rough surface to increase grip
- Water resistant

In Stock: Yes

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