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  • GeoMax Zone80 DG Laser Level

    GeoMax Zone80 DG Laser Level

    Universal Instruments

    The GeoMax Zone80 DG laser level is perfect for any leveling grading or aligning application. Dependable in any environment, the Zone80 DG is built to last with a solid core and offers the best in performance in both long distance applications as well as machine guidance where high precision leaves no room for error. 

    With a diameter range of 3,000 feet, the Zone80 DG offers stability over long distances, making it perfect for leveling tasks in construction. Additionally, the Zone80 DG is highly precise with two fully automatic axes and horizontal self-leveling within ± 5 degrees and an accuracy of ± 1/16 inch at 100ft. For optimal land use, the Zone80 DG provides references for the horizontal planes as well for slopes in both axis up to 15%. 

    The head's adjustable rotation speed of up to 1,200 per minute makes it ideal for machine guidance and allows optimal working with machine receivers. The Zone80 DG laser level is built to last with a 50h battery life as well as IP67 protection, making it dust proof and water resistant up to a meter deep for half and hour. 

    For more information: https://geomax-positioning.com/products/laser-rotators/zone-series/zone80-dg

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