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  • Grey and Yellow Spectra Precision LL500 laser level used for long range measurments

    Spectra Precision LL500

    Universal Instruments

    The Spectra Precision LL500 laser level is a one-person levelling system designed specifically for long range measurements on your job site. The laser features a 500m (1,600ft) working diameter which increases the efficiency of any job-site, by reducing the need for multiple setups on the job-site. The LL500 is well built with a self-levelling "out of level" shutoff which aides in maintaining the accuracy over your job-site. As well as a visible "spotting" beam that allows for faster on-grade position finding through the designed receiver mounting placement. 

    The LL500 features:

    - A highly accurate temperature compensation which provides a reliable accuracy even in high temperature changing environments.

    - Rechargeable and alkaline batteries to keep the unit working and help increase efficiency with the minimisation of power loss on the job-site.

    - A self-levelling shut off mechanism that improves accuracy over the job-site and helps reduce faults. 

    - A choice to use either HL700 or CR600 receivers to suit your own applications.  

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