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  • LL500


    Universal Instruments

    The Spectra Precision LL500 Laser Level is a one-person levelling system designed for long range measurements across the job-site. Built for accuracy, stability and reliability the LL500 has a 1,600 ft (500m) working diameter increasing productivity.  Through the reduction of multiple setups on large job sites.

    The rugged LL500 is self-levelling with a built-in "out of level" shutoff that maintains accuracy over the entire work area while minimising measurement errors. It's highly visible 'spotting' beam determines receiver mounting placement makes it faster to find the on-grade position. 


    • Excellent accuracy with temperature compensation systems providing highly reliable accuracy even with large temperature changes. 
    • Powered by either rechargeable batteries or alkaline allowing the laser to continue working and minimise downtime for charging. 
    • A highly useful built-in shutoff that reduces errors and increased accuracy
    • Compatibility with both HL700 or CR600 receivers allowing the operator to choose the best option to suit applications.


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