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  • Yellow Lecia DIGITRACE0 used for holding a connection cable

    50 meter

    Universal Instruments

    The Leica DIGITRACE 50 allows for a complete length of duct, pipe or drain (non-metallic) to be traced when used with the Leica DIGICAT 100, 200, 500, 550 and the Leica DIGITEX 8 / 33 signal generator. 

    It's coiled 50m fiber-glass rod, protects the central copper tracing conductor. It's fiber-glass rod is pushed along the area of interest, then the DIGITEX 8 / 33 is connected and the tracing signal can be located by the Leica DIGICAT 100, 200, 500, 550. 

    Included in the kit is the DIGITRACE 50 signal trace as well as a connection cable set. 

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