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  • Leica Digicat 550i

    Leica Digicat 550i

    Universal Instruments

    The Leica Digicat 550i cable locator is the latest in intelligent cable locating featuring easy-to-use automatic controls and requiring minimal user experience.

    Making sure you avoid underground cables and pipes is a major concern on job-sites. By detecting the position of buried cables and pipes before excavation work you can prevent operator injury and minimise potential damage costs from damaging current cables or pipes. 

    The 550i is created to make operation simple with a simple press of a trigger to start locating. With automatic pinpointing there's no need for manual adjustments, reducing the likelihood of human error and enabling easier and more efficient pipe and cable location. Saving you time and money in the process.

    With its improved accuracy and application scope the 550i is able to perform over a wide range of applications and the ability to use in conjunction with a Digitex 100t or 300t transmitters or Digisystem accessories for improved accuracy. 

    The 550i's depth estimation when using its Digitex 100t or 300t signal transmitter, improves utility locating accuracy and data range.

    The 550i comes with hazard zone alert, signal service indicator, built-in self-test and a service due indicator.  

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