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  • Black and Yellow Leica Rugby 820 with its self-levelling rotary laser

    Leica Rugby 820

    Universal Instruments

    The Leica Rugby 820 Self-Levelling Rotary Laser is the ideal partner for foundations and footings, offering the best-performance for any levelling or simple slope applications on the job-site. With a range of 790 metres using the laser receiver the 820 is perfect for land levelling, grade checking, vertical alignment, concrete pouring and other applications. The 820 is self-levelling within -+6 degrees and has a horizontal beam when needed. Additionally the 820 works on a manual slope with dual axis mode to set foundations and footings.

    The 820 laser comes with a smart lock feature that prevents temperature changes from influencing accuracy when measuring. It also comes with auto-calibration and a smart targeting feature that allows one person to use the automatic slope function using one button. 

    With an IP68 rating the 820 laser is dustproof and water resistant and with its Li-ion rechargeable battery pack can operate up to 45 hours or 60 hours with alkaline battery packs. 

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