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  • Yellow and black Proshot Alpha used for carparks, driveways and drainage

    Proshot Alpha

    Universal Instruments

    With its Class 1 specification allowing for use in all conditions of exposure without the need for a safety officer, laser operator training or signage. The Alpha Proshot is a must have for contractors wanting to avoid the strict site safety requirements that plague higher laser classifications. Which could be the difference between getting kicked off site and continuing to work.

    In partner with it's excellent Class 1 classification the Alpha makes grading applications for carparks, driveways and drainage a breeze. With the ability to match any slope up to ± 8%, and a self-levelling function that works during operation of a grade. Additionally, know your product will continue to be reliable in the future with temperature and vibration sensors that will actively compensate the laser's accuracy even if knocked. 

    And with an operating time of 115 hours, making it one of the longest operating times on the market. The laser will last over a month of continual operation on a single set of batteries. 

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