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  • Yellow and Black Proshot AS2 used for pipe and drainage measuring

    Proshot AS2

    Universal Instruments

    The AS2 is a self-levelling fully automated single grade laser, capable of providing maximum performance at unmatched value. Designed for and used by bitumen contractors, pipe and drainage crews and farming drainage contractors.

    The AS2 features:

    - Horizontal self-levelling driven by an electronic servomechanism

    - Automatic self-levelling dial-in single grade between 0-25% grade range

    - The ability to adjust in 0.01% grade increments

    - Height elevation alert system which will automatically turn off the laser if it is knocked or bumped

    - A cross axis self-levelling laser when in grade slope mode

    - Re-chargeable NiMH or alkaline battery power options 

    And is the most economical automatic dial-in grade laser on the market. 

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