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  • Yellow and Grey Spectra DG613G pipe laser used for laying down pipes

    Spectra DG613G

    Universal Instruments

    The Spectra DG613G Pipe Laser is built for accuracy and reliability for when laying down pipes. With its bright green beam allows for increased visibility when on the job-site.

    The DG613G is compact making it easier to set up lasers into tight inverts in a manhole. The DG613G has a grade range from -12% to +40% and is fully self-levelling over the entirely of the grade range. It's cross axis is fully compensated - providing a quick set up and allowing for the laser to be level without having to adjust at the bottom of the invert. 

    The DG613G works over a distance of 150m (500ft) providing full operation in a single set-up between manholes. The new RC803 remote control provides full control and utilises infra-red light in the pipe control up to 150m (500ft). And for "over-the-top" setups, the remote utilises radio communication up to a distance of 130m (430 feet). 

    The DG613G has a range of power options with 40 hours operating time with NiMH rechargeable batteries and 50 hours with alkaline batteries. Additionally, the DG613 can be powered through a car charger for work in remote areas. 

    The DG613G's large graphical user interface can be easily seen in a manhole, with all functions available through the menu making it easy to easy and creating a short learning curve. Allowing the machine to handled by anyone with little to no previous training. This graphical interface is also used on the RC803 remote control. 

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