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  • Grey and Green Universal DT402L Theodolite Laser Plummet

    Universal Theodolite DT402L

    Universal Instruments

    The Universal DT402L Theodolite features: 

    • A electronic theodolite 
    • 30x magnification
    • Dual LCD displays on front and back
    • An accurate compensator 
    • RS-232C 
    • Laser plummet 

    The powerful DT402L also features an absolute encoder and angle measurements that can be saved when powered off. It's repeated angle program carries out repeated measurements and averaging calculations to maintain high accuracy angle values for the highest level of precision. 

    With minimum reading's of: 1”/5”/10” or 0.2mgon/1mgon/2mgon 

    The DT402L power is capable of being generated through either rechargeable batteries or AA batteries. With lower power consumption allowing for a longer operating time on one battery.  

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