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  • Yellow GeoMax Signal Transmitter EZiTEX t100 used for tracing cables and pipes

    GeoMax t100 EZiTEX

    Universal Instruments

    The GeoMax Signal Transmitter EZiTEX t100 provides the ability to trace cables and pipes over a greater distance. With depth estimation, when using a depth locator, improved detection in areas of high signal suitable for a wide range of applications. The t100 can be easily used with the EZiSYSTEM accessories for added accuracy and application. 

    The t100 features: 

    • Modes: 
      • 33kHz
      • 8kHz
      • 8kHz and 33kHz (connection mode)
    • Clear audio and visual controls 
    • Built-in test function, allowing users to test the hardware and software's functionality before being correctly used. 
    • 1 Watt signal transmitter, with a strong signal transmitter for use before excavation work. 

     For more information: https://geomax-positioning.com/products/locators/ezisystem-i-series

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