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  • Black and Yellow Unilaser HV550R rotating laser

    UniLaser HV550R Laser Level

    Universal Instruments

    The UniLaser HV550R rotating laser is built for contractors who need an excellent balance between affordability and performance.

    The HV550R UniLaser laser level with its self-levelling horizontal and vertical provides an accuracy of +/- 1mm @ 30m with a range of up 500m in diameter with a receiver

    It's fully electronic Servo provides accurate horizontal and vertical self-levelling with -/+ 5 degrees. 

    Its dual axis provides manual grade setting capabilities. The HV550R also provides a horizontal and vertical plumb for use on your job-site. Included within the HV550R's hardcase is a receiver with clamp, remote control, laser glasses and a charger for the instrument.   

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