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  • Red and black Leica Lino L2G with a green laser

    LEICA Lino L2G

    Universal Instruments

    The Lino L2G utilises the latest in green diode laser technology allowing for unparalleled visibility and the highest level of clarity. With its green reference capable of being seen even in difficult lighting conditions over long distances.

    The L2G hosts a triple power concept which ensures longer operations of up to 44 hours on one charge as well as the ability to use rechargeable Li-Ion batteries or Alkaline batteries or its corded charger. 

    With the included smart adapters using the L2G is a breeze with the allowing of fast and precise positioning. It's rotatable adapters are able to be set up over edges and profiles or be simply attached to iron pipes, bars or tracks.

     The L2G is capable of positioning itself when its position is out of level by + / - 4 degrees, outside this limit a visual alert is shown to prevent faulty readings. It's rugged design is rated to IP54 standards making it dust and spray water protected making it suited for all jobs. 


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