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  • Red and black Leica Lino L2P5G with a green laser

    LEICA Lino L2P5G

    Universal Instruments

    The Leica Lino L2P5G utilises the latest in green diode laser technology allowing for unparalleled visibility and the highest level of clarity. It's multi-functional green cross line and point laser is four times as visible to the human eye than red lasers, making it ideal for bright environments and large rooms. 

    Thanks to the latest in green laser technology the L2P5G is able to perform perfect levelling and alignment up to 35m depending on lighting conditions. Which can be simply upgraded to 80m using the Leica RGR 200 laser receiver. 

    The L2P5G's magnetic adapter allows it to be positioned fast and easily with the magnetic adapter fitting into U-profiles and with the use of the UAL 130 adapter the laser can be connected to edges, bars and metal poles. 

    The L2P5G is always level once positioned with the tilt automatically controlled when within a + / - 4 degree limit. And when outside the limit an alert indicates that the position needs adjustment. 

    The L2P5G's Li-Ion batteries ensures operations up to 28 hours on just one charge as well as the ability to use Alkaline batteries or its corded charger. It's rugged design is rated to IP54 standards making it dust and spray water protected making it suited for all jobs. 

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