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  • Spectra Precision LT58G

    Spectra Precision LT58G

    Universal Instruments

    The Spectra Precision LT58G laser is the absolute go-to interior laser, providing 3 x 360 degree planes of green laser light for interior layout applications. It's tough housing allows it to withstand the tough construction site and a compact design which allows easy and secure mounting at ceiling height. 

    Other uses for the LT58G include tile layout, finish carpentry, electrical and plumbing layout and alignment. Additional applications include interior wall layouts and point transfer. The 2 vertical beams are 90 degree apart which allows them to be used for 90 degree layouts for plumb work and floor-to-ceiling point transfer. 

    The LT58G includes a powerful lithium-ion battery capable of providing up to 25 hours of continual operation. The laser can also be operated directly with AC power, eliminating the need for alkaline batteries replacements. 

    The LT58G is compact, lightweight and easy to setup with installations on high ceiling grids effortless compared to conventional heavy rotating lasers and mounts. 

    It's well-built housing is capable of withstanding tough construction environments with the ability to withstand 3 ft (1m) drops.


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