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  • White and Red GeoMax MR360R machine guidance used to pick up rotating laser

    GeoMax MR360R

    Universal Instruments

    The GeoMax MR360R provides grade information for all visual machine controlled applications. It's large 360° detection window allows it to pick up any rotating laser from any angle. 

    With its magnet mounting capability enjoy the quick and easy setup and movement from machine to machine. (Clamp mounts also available)

    With its remote display no cables are required only the in-cabin remote display. With the MR360RE, receive the best control on operations

    And with its built-in vertical indicator monitoring the angle of the stick, using the remote display an operator can view the direction arrows for plumbing up the dipper stick.  

    For more information: https://geomax-positioning.com/products/machine-guidance/mr360r

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