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  • KOIZUMI KP-90N Planimeter

    KOIZUMI KP-90N Planimeter

    Universal Instruments

    The KOIZUMI PLACOM KP-90N Digital Planimeter offers a range of measuring features. With the KP-90N able to measure an area by pulse count of 6-digits, allowing for a larger cumulative measurement up to 10m2 . 

    Further, through the 6-digit pulse count, the KP-90N can measure over 100 times more area than an ordinary planimeter, which have a maximum cumulative area to measure of only 0.1m2.

    The KP-90N can easily convert a measured area value into a new area value in a newly desired unit and desired scale value. Additionally, the KP-90N utilises a helpful hold memory function. When an error occurs in measuring, press the C/AC key. The last measured appeared by pulse point. As previous measured values before the error are stored, there is no need to for other measurements from the beginning. 

    The KP-90N is also capable of automatic shifting of units to upper units. When a measured area value overflows the 8 digit display figures, the measured area value is calculated and displayed by an upper unit. When an overflow occurs in the highest unit, km2 the measurement can be continued by pulse count display. Furthermore, In order to get the best result of measurements the average value measurement is best recommended. 

    Additional features:

    - Measurement of an area with different lateral and longitudinal scale

    - Automatic power off function for energy saving



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