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  • Yellow and Black Leica 820 used for levelling

    Leica Rugby 820

    Universal Instruments

    The Leica 820 is the perfect tool with its dual slope levelling can perform land levelling, concrete form alignment, plumbing, excavation, machine control, concrete levelling and home building and more. 

    The Leica 820's dual axis slope can be manually set through its keypad with up to 10% in single or dual-axis. 

    It's smart targeting system allows an operator to automatically dial in the slope required through the Leica Rod Eye 180 RF unit. And its smart lock function monitors continually in real time to prevent mistakes. If the laser plane is moved out of tolerance, the laser will indicate the movement with an alarm. 

    The Leica 820 is certified with IP68 protection providing protection against water and dust. With a military grade certification (MIL-STD 810G) ensuring that the laser will working in the most difficult of environments. Including temperature stability across the entire operating temperature range. 

    The Leica 820 is able to be powered through both normal alkaline batteries as well as Li-ion batteries.  

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