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  • Yellow and Grey GeoMax ZDL700 used for levelling

    GeoMax Digital Level ZDL700

    Universal Instruments

    The GeoMax ZDL700 offers quick and error free measuring with a measurement speed of less than 3 seconds, and one-push measure and storage functions to help increase workflow. The ZDL700 uses its digital reading and internal memory to minimise miss-readings and faulty interpretation. 

    Extensive tests with the ZDL700 verifies its accuracy of 0.7 mm for 1km double-run level. Making the ZDL700 an ideal partner for high order levelling and deformation measurements and precision surveying and general construction. 

    Helping to enhance the ZDL700's levelling ability is it's memory for up to 2,000 points allowing the ability to switch between automatic or manual point numbering increase for personal flexibility. As well as creating the ability to work on the move. 

    All data collected on the job-site can be easily transferred by connecting the ZDL700 with a PC or laptop. With the ability to link external data collectors or PDA's, providing an additional degree of flexibility for downloading or processing measurements online.

    For more information: https://geomax-positioning.com/products/levels/zdl700-digital-level-series

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