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  • Yellow and black GeoMax Zeta 125 Pipe Laser with self-levelling

    GeoMax Zeta125

    Universal Instruments

    The GeoMax Zeta 125 Pipe Laser provides consistent precision and accuracy built to last your job-sites. 

    With fast self-levelling features the Zeta 125 incorporates an automatic target alignment and cross axis compensation to boost your productivity. With IP68 protection the Zeta 125 is submerge proof and with its full metal housing the Zeta125 can withstand the toughest of weather. 

    The Zeta 125 combines with a wide array of accessories with long distance remote control and safe and versatile charging options. Making it one of the most flexible piper lasers on the market. 

    For more information: https://geomax-positioning.com/products/pipe-lasers/zeta125-series

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