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  • Yellow and black Zone20 H with vertical and horizontal levelling

    GeoMax Zone20 HV Laser Level

    Universal Instruments

    Our multipurpose laser offers the base specifications of the Zone20 H laser level model plus the ability of vertical levelling and aligning with an included long-range remote. Which can be used to align and adjust in the toughest working conditions with IP67 class protection with a fully enclosed rotating head. 

    The Zone20 HV is a real jack of all trades with ability to be used in interior and exterior applications. Useful for squaring, plumbing, aligning, levelling and concrete and form work. The laser is also ideal for professionals for ceilings and layout and drywall applications.

    Additionally, the ability to use the laser level remotely allows contractors to set the manual grade using the remote ZRC20 with changing and adjusting settings all possible without touching the laser. 

     For more information: https://geomax-positioning.com/products/laser-rotators/zone-series/zone20-hv

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