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  • Yellow and black GeoMax Zone60 DG used for grading applications

    GeoMax Zone60 DG Laser level

    Universal Instruments

     The Zone60 DG laser level is perfect for grading applications, leveling and aligning, built to last in any environment, thanks to it's long-lasting operations with multiple charging options and interchangeable accessories.

    The Zone60 DG is a fully-automatic laser in both axes designed specifically with construction workers in mind. Who need fully professional accuracy and long lasting dependability day in and day out. Digital grades can be entered up to 15% making it suitable for every construction site. 

    Perfect for outdoor applications such as the grading of roads, the Zone60 DG is easy to correct and remove irregularities, guaranteeing you accurate results in long distances even in the toughest working conditions. Making it ideal for level, single or dual slope and batter-board applications. The Zone60 DG is perfect for contractors who need to grade and then excavate for plans or ready build structures. And using its fully automatic operation in horizontal and sloped planes gives a faultless reference for all levelling and grading.

    For more information: https://geomax-positioning.com/products/laser-rotators/zone-series/zone60-dg

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